Capstone Reflection

After doing my Capstone project i feel that i did really good. When pictures came up i explained what they were and who and what was going on in the photo. Throughout my power point i feel that i did  show multi media because i had more than one video and showed the class two videos relating to my subject.  Now that i have presented one thing i wish i could have done better was talked more about the Florida school shooting because it was very serious what happend and i think people need know what happen.

Reflection On Documentary

  1. (Into The Abyss)
  2.  ( Super Size Me)
  3. (Undefeated)
  4. (Food Inc)
  5. (Hunting Ground)

Teens should watch “Super Size Me” because it shows what can happen when you over eat and don’t eat the right food.

Teens should watch “Hunting Ground” because it gives perspective of  people and what they had go through during college and young teens can learn a lot.

Every teens should watch “Food inc because it  shows whats really in some of the produce we by and how different foods can affect out body .

Every teen should watch the documentary on “Into The Abyss” because it gives you a whole new perspective on things and the way we live and do.



African American

The couple that made the most impact in my opinion is Brock and Michele because they both wanted  america to do better and equal. Brock wanted kids who didn’t have anything such as health care to get that so if anything happen  to them they would be taken care of.   Michele had made it so that school would give children health food instead of junk food. She notice that america is the most state that has a lot of obese from the grown up to the younger kids. By them thinking of the people and trying to solve ways that can make us better. Brock worked toward getting jobs to pay more because he felt that we the people would work long hours but didn’t get much out of it.  Now Michele she worked toward finding black girls who were missing and coming up with ways to bring them home to there families. She came up with Campinas and post so people could join in and share the info. As a whole and seeing what these two are cable of over the 8 years I feel like they are making history and a difference for the future generation. So that is  why they are my favorite black couple.

Social Issue Blog


What is your social issue?
Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?
What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?
What are pros to your solution?
What are cons to your solution?

My social issue that I choose was polygamy and for those who don’t know what polygamy is , it is when you have more than one wife. The reason why I choose this topic was because I  thought it was very intersecting and I knew other people went going to research  this topic. Some might disagree with this topic is because  some believe that men  should only have one wife and commit themselves to only one woman.  My proposal is to have them have one wife and my reasoning is because if you add a new wife then a lot of jealousy can happen and a wife might do something she cant come back from. Now some of my pros of polygamy was by being in it you have a large family and a huge support system if you have any problems and financially need help.  On the other hand some of my cons where you can experience child abuse and some people who are in polygamy do commit fraud and could face jail time .


Question : What is your stance on polygamy ?

Question : Would you ever agree to be in a polygamist relationship?


The article I choose to talked and read about  the things that had  dealt with abortion and how many people are  against or for the topic.  For those who don’t know what abortion is , it is the termination  of an human pregnancy.  Now looking at the overall poll as far as the results  62% people are against abortion and 38%  are for abortion. You can see by the poll result’s what the overall nation stands as far as abortion.  Some might know that in the 1973 that in 30 states abortion was banned but now it is legal in all 50 states. The people who voted yes were basically saying that abortion should be legal because what if the mother and child are in danger or a victim of an sexual assault. The 62% who voted no were saying that once you get into so many months of your pregnancy that yes it should be banned. The categorizes  people were voting where pro-life and pro-choice.  Pro- choice is like cause and effect kind of thing if this happen then abortion should be illegal. The pro-life is on the victims side and wants whats best for them in a sense.  If you see the media and news abortion is still a controversial topic.

word art

I choose this picture because it looks cool and was the cutest on the web page out of all the other images . Some of  the words I  choose were , loud , funny, pretty and nice , cool because those are those  are thing  am on a regular basics  even-though some might disagree with me .